Congratulations! It is such an exciting time in your life to adopt a pup into your family. Now, you just adopted a shelter dog, and you’re getting ready to bring her home. Here are several things to buy when you get a dog.

1. A Dog Crate

Buying a dog crate is very important when you first bring home a rescue dog. They can help your new companion adjust to their new home and environment, giving them a safe space to relax in.

Crate training also help quickly establish routines and boundaries. Getting your rescue dog a crate to sleep in sets expectations, while having them stay in the crate while you’re away or asleep will drive a good routine.

2. Dog Toys

Okay, this one is obvious, but dog toys can be overlooked by other important purchases. I always buy super durable toys at first when I bring a rescue home. This helped us prevent our rescue dogs from tearing up and ingesting the toys like one of our pups did.

Dog toys, such as chew toys also provide good distraction and entertainment to help your new dog get comfortable in your home.

3. A Dog Bed

There are so many types and styles of dog beds out there. It can be so overwhelming. But fear not because this process might take time. Especially with shelter dogs.

Honestly, they may enjoy the hard floor or carpet right now.

When we adopted our first dog, it took her a while to get comfortable in the house and laid on the floor all the time. But after a few months, she was sleeping on the pillow bed that when unused for a long time.

One piece of advice: if you get a dog bed, make sure the bed is machine washable and easy to clean. This will help keep the bed from stinking.

4. Dog Bowls

You will need a food and water bowl for you dog. There are tons of options out there, but ceramic, stainless steel, and plastic are all common. Depending on your dog breed and how big he is, you may want to get a raised bowl as well.

Slow feeders have been heaven sent for my pups. They inhale their food and always get sick. Using the slow feed dog bows, we slowed them down and haven’t had any issues since!

5. Dog Collar and Lead or Leash

Again another obvious but needed here. You will need to get an appropriate fitting dog collar. They come in all shapes, sizes and designs, but it will definitely help your pup show off her personality!

You will also need to get a lead, leash, or harness. Depending on your preference, you will need to get one of these items. A retractable leash is great for letting your dog explore. However, a lead and dog harness will help you control your dog on their morning walks.

6. Dog Food

I would consider getting small bags or samples of a few different dog foods and ingredients. Your rescue dog may not like or just flat out reject the food.

Dogs love one type of food but may completely hate another. This is definitely an experiment that will take time to find the right food.

7. Dog Treats

Dog treats are so useful and fun for your dog! This is a great way to bond through treat giving. You can use treats for training, making your dog comfortable, and rewarding for good behavior.

I would get a few different styles of treats: training treats, cheap treats, teeth cleaning treats, and good treats (for special occasions). These will help both your budget and drive good behavior.

8. Grooming Supplies

Long hair or short hair, you will still need to groom and brush your pup. A regular brush is good for a clean fur coat, dandruff removal, and even can help deter ticks and flees.

You may also look to get nail clippers, shampoos, paw balm, and other items. You can never have enough to make your pup looking like a stud.

9. Pooper Scooper and Dog Poop Bags

You’re going to be going on walks and taking your dog outside a lot. I suggest getting the tools to clean up your yard and other people’s yards. A pooper scooper and dog poop bags are vital for the clean up.

Be a courteous neighbor too and pick up poop. And routinely clean your yard. It is not fun to step in doggy doo doo.

10. House Cleaning Products

It is inevitable. Your dog will have accidents, vomit, track mud, and make other messes. Stock up on cleaning supplies, deodorizers, and scrub brushes. These will help keep your house in order and clean, no matter how much dirt your dog gets in the house.

Now, many of these dog things to buy are so obvious. But, when your adrenaline is pumping and in the heat of the moment adopting your fur baby, you can sometimes forget the essentials. These things are our essentials. And if you are in the market for any of these, you can shop at Chonkly today!

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