Welcome to Chonkly! The place where the best dog parents come to give their furbabies their best lives!


We are a small group of friends from Cleveland, Ohio who simply love our rescue dogs. We understand the rewards and challenges of caring for rescue dogs because we live it every day. We are committed to giving these special pups a long and happy life. After all, they’re our furbabies!

We’re also entrepreneurs. When we decided to start a business, we knew it had to be meaningful. So we combined our passion for dogs with our advocacy for rescue, and Chonkly.com was born.


OUR MISSION is to help rescue dogs live their best lives. We carefully curate every product we offer and only sell those we’d give to our own dogs. We combine those high standards with stories of real-life experiences, helpful hints, and expert advice to help ease the transition to a new home and address the common needs of rescues.



Chief and Annie are two of the Chonkly dogs we rescued!
Sweet Annie (white with the black eye like Petey from the Little Rascals!) was the OG and the Mama Dog in our house. Rescued at 5 years old from City Dogs of Cleveland, she already had multiple litters of puppies, but that never slowed her down! Full of energy and love, she was only with us for 4 short years. But those years were full of love, happiness, and all the snuggles.

Chief (we call him Jimmy when he’s bad) was adopted 8 months after Annie. He was less than 6 months old when we rescued him. While he was quite the troublemaker and came with challenges, he has settled into his own! He and Annie were two peas in a pod. Since Annie was so much older than Chief, she always took care of him like he was one of her own.


Guinness a black Labrador Retriever is the pack sire – even though he’s a senior dog, he still loves to play and interact with other dogs. But Guinness’s favorite thing to do is love up every human he sees and beg them for belly rubs!

Hudson is a mischievous yellow Lab who loves playing with other dogs almost as much as his true love in life – swimming! Hudson loves being in water and enjoys many summer days by lounging in a doggy pool. He’s a happy go lucky guy!

Jade is the newest member of the pack and was adopted in early 2021 from the APL. Jade is a Husky and Shiba Inu mix and loves to wrestle with her brother Hudson! Jade is great at getting other dogs engaged in play and loves to be the center of attention when humans are around!