Does your chonker eat their food so fast that you have to remember if you put food in their bowl? A slow feeder may help your rescue dog and prevent illnesses that can be serious and even life threatening!

What is a slow feeder bowl?

A slow feeder bowl uses unique patterns and layouts carved into the slow feeding bowl in order to create obstructions that help slow your pets’ consumption of food to help prevent illness and promote healthy eating habits. 

If your dog consumes their food too fast, they can be more susceptible serious and even life-threatening conditions such as to choking, indigestion, bloating, and torqued stomach. They are an easy way to help keep your pet safe during mealtime! 

Slow feeder bowls come in many shapes, sizes, and materials to fit your needs. They are essentially interactive dog bowls. You should make sure to purchase a bowl that fits the size of your pet. Follow the scale below to help you pick the right size for your pet today.

We have an assortment of slow feeder bowls to meet just about every pets needs. Make sure to check out our section of slow feeder bowls to find the right one for your pet. But first, check out our top ranked benefits for using a slow feeder bowl with your pet today!

1. Helps prevent choking

Dogs who tend to eat their food quickly or take in large gulps of food at a time are at a much higher risk of choking. And it’s important to note that smaller dog breeds can be just as susceptible as large dog breeds to these type of eating habits.

Our oldest dog, Guinness, a 95lb Labrador Retriever is a big guy and loves mealtime! He could eat 2 cups of food in less than a minute before we started to use a slow feeder bowl for him. Every meal we would stand there next to him and try to distract him from his bowl to help him slow down because we were afraid of him choking until one time he did. We had to perform the Heimlich maneuver to dislodge the food and thankfully we were both trained on how to do this properly. 

If you think your dog may eat their food too fast and be susceptible to choking, then you should try a slow feeder bowl. They are a low cost and easy way to provide a safer environment for your pet to eat. We are so happy we did with our dog Guinness, and our newest additions, Hudson and Jade. The slow feeder gives us peace of mind during mealtime for all of our pets and can for you too!

2. Reduces gas & bloating

Does your dog suffer from gas throughout the day or after they eat? Or maybe you and your family are the ones who are suffering from your dog’s gas! Before we switched to a slow feeder for our dog’s, we had a real gas problem every night in our house.

This became an especially unpleasant situation when we had friends and family to our house. It was uncomfortable for everyone involved and most importantly, we knew it was a sign that our dogs were not digesting their food properly. So, we spent hours researching methods to reduce our dog’s gas and was surprised to find that eating food too quickly is a common cause of gas in dogs due to improper digestion when the stomach expands too quickly, and gasses build up in their stomach.

This excess build-up of gas may result in the unpleasant passing of gas or even more serious conditions such as canine bloat or torqued stomach, which can be life-threatening. 

Many pet owners today are aware of the benefits of providing high quality food to their dog and the importance of eating a balanced, nutrient-rich diet. But even if you are providing the best dog food that money can buy, the benefits will be lost if your dog is not digesting the food and absorbing the nutrients because they are eating too fast. Utilizing a slow feeder bowl can help to improve your pets digestion of their food and help them to live a happy, healthy life.

Indigestion may also present in other ways with your fur baby, such as regurgitation or vomiting of their food which can lead to malnutrition among other issues. If your pet is vomiting undigested food, this can be a sign that they may have eaten their food too quickly and their body was unable to digest it properly.

This can be especially frustrating for dog parents when considering the cost of high-quality pet food today. A slow feeder will help your dog digest their food so that they can absorb as much of the nutrients they can in order to support a healthy lifestyle for your dog. Make sure to find the right size for your pet and start enjoying a greater piece of mind at your dog’s next meal. 

3. Improves mental stimulation

Does your dog appear to have boundless energy even after taking walks and enjoying playtime? Or worse, does your dog exhibit destructive habits such as chewing or even consuming things around the house that are not meant for your dog’s consumption? If so, then your dog may need additional mental stimulation to help them relax instead of chewing those favorite shoes of yours or that new piece of furniture you just purchased!

Destructive habits frightening as a dog parent, because they present real risks to the safety of fur babies. However, there are ways to improve your dog’s behavior through increasing mental stimulation. 

Destructive behaviors in dogs are most often related to a dog having unspent energy and/or anxiety. Life is busy and you don’t have time to take an extended hike through the mountains or take Fido to a day at the lake every day. While exercise is a very important element to your dog’s health, you may find that they also need additional mental stimulation can help to expend that energy in a positive way.

Destructive habits can be improved or even eliminated through increase mental stimulation at mealtime from games that force your pet to think more and use that extra energy in a positive way. Some dog breeds require more mental stimulation than others and a slow feeder bowl is a quick and easy way to gamify your dog’s meal and provide them with necessary mental stimulation to be a good citizen in your home, it’s a real win-win.

4. Helps support proper portion control

If you have a dog that eats quickly, you may find that they gulp their food down in 20 seconds and then immediately start looking for more food to eat because theirs has not fully digested yet in their stomach.

As a dog parent, I worried that our dog was not getting enough food because he was done eating so quickly. It was hard to resist giving him more food, especially when he would look at me with those sad puppy dog eyes that guilted me into believing that he still needed more food. We eventually started to notice that our dog was putting on additional weight and realized that he was likely eating more food than he actually needed!

We all know that it is important to maintain a healthy weight for our pets and so we took action with a slow feeder bowl. Slowing your dog’s eating can help to curb their appetite and help them to eat the appropriate amount for the size and breed. Not only does a slow feed dog bowl slow your dog down but it gives them time to actually chew the food before swallowing it.

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